• Luis Gomez

'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' is Under Investigation

In Hollywood there are always rumours going around. Rumours can sometimes be entirely fabricated, sometimes they have some truth to them, and of course a rumour can be entirely true. One rumour that has floated around for many years is that Ellen DeGeneres, host of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' is nothing like her on screen "queen of nice" persona and that the show is professionally and ethically challenged. Just how true or false what is being said about 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' it seems will soon be known.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced millions of people out of work and to remain at home as much as possible. This proved to be the perfect recipe for many people to share their experiences working at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show,"and experiences dealing with the shows famous host. Ellen has been described by these people as rude and hostile, and the show's backstage environment has been described as racist amongst many other things.

Variety reports that WarnerMedia has launched an investigation to look into the validity of all of these accusations. This corporate course of action is the correct thing to do. In the past, companies used to turn a blind eye to these exact sort of accusations because socially it seemed big corporations were never entirely forced to take ethical responsibility. When big corporations permitted or covered the tracks of problematic but lucrative employees, it seemed like a no brainer that they should protect their best interest.

Those days are over.

Now more than ever before, companies are being publicly held accountable for their actions and for supporting problematic employees by not investigating or terminating said employee. It is easy to say that Ellen DeGeneres is the most powerful daytime host on television and her award winning eponymously named show ranks first in its class. If allegations against DeGeneres prove to be true or partially verifiable and action is taken against her and/or her show, it might serve as the turning point for etiquette, ethics, and moral standards in Hollywood. For those pushing for a workplace revolution to shake up the old Hollywood system that protects the popular in charge, people will have to continue publicly holding offenders accountable. As things stand, the court of public opinion is very much in session, so that bad behavior does not get to hide behind TV ratings, a bright smile, or awkward dance moves.

Image: YouTube