• Luis Gomez

Disney should consider releasing 'Mulan' digitally

Image: Disney

'Mulan' was easily one of 2020's most anticipated movies. The live-action remake of the 1998 classic had received much buzz leading up to it's intended March 2020 American theatrical release.

As the release date came closer and closer, the rise and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic meant Disney had to pull the plug on releasing 'Mulan' and other movies. 'Black Widow' another Disney project that was equally anticipated, similarly has been benched with no definitive release date.

Both of these movies cost a lot of money to make. A lot of work and time and strategic planning went into making these movies, so one can understand why Disney would want to wait to release it in theaters, the place where movies have the most chance of making money.

Movies that are given a digital or cable release never make the same amount of money as movies released in theaters because for the most part in theaters every person has to pay for admission to see the movie. With digital buying/rental any number of people/households can get to see the movie with just one payment. Yet, releasing 'Mulan' digitally might be a gamble worth taking for Disney because of Disney+.

Disney+ is Disney's fairly new streaming service that streams all content under the Disney umbrella. As a fairly new service, being able to offer a project as anticipated as 'Mulan' and other similar projects would very likely bring in more traffic to Disney+.

If Disney goes ahead and releases 'Mulan' on Disney+ it will be interesting to see whether investing in their digital streaming platform in this way ultimately pays off. A digital release could backfire if 'Mulan' does not lead to a rise in subscriptions for Disney+.

The public might not care about the bottomline for a company as wealthy as Disney, but the public stands to benefit by digital releases. It is in the public's interest for companies like Disney to begin releasing new movies digitally because as a result of Covid-19, we do not know what is to come as far as the publics use of enclosed spaces, such as movie theatres. Digital releases provide a way for new movies to be seen by the public while in the safety of their own home.