• Luis Gomez

Tiffany Haddish's Netflix Comedy Special Tackling More Than Just Jokes

After a star turning role in ‘Girl’s Trip’ placed the spotlight on Tiffany Haddish, she has continuously been telling us that “she ready”... but what is she ready for?

Apparently, the answer is Netflix.

Earlier today it was announced Tiffany Haddish will be releasing a comedy special on Netflix in 2019.

Netflix has become as of late home to many comedians. From Chris Rock, Dave Chappell, Iliza Shlesinger, Ali Wong, Hasan Minhaj, Jerry Seinfeld, and many others have brought their comedic talents to the entertainment streaming giant. There could be no better place as things stand than having content on Netflix because it is readily accessible to millions of people at any given time.

This does not mean that Tiffany Haddish’s partnership with Netflix is without its problems.

Earlier this year in January, Netflix was publicly called out by Mo’Nique who claimed that Netflix offered her an appallingly low amount of money, 500k to be precise, for her comedy special. Mo’Nique especially took umbrage with the fact that Amy Schumer was valued by Netflix as a bigger commodity than she was, although Mo’Nique argued that her sales numbers were just as good as Schumer’s. Mo’Nique’s concluded that Netflix has “gender bias and color bias.” It did not help matters for Netflix, when Wanda Sykes, another famed black female comedian, shared a similar experience with Netflix, in which she was offered half of what was offered to Mo’Nique.

When the Mo’Nique versus Netflix debacle occurred, talks of Haddish getting an offer from Netflix were already circulating. Now that the offer is confirmed and made public, Haddish will have a tricky part to play. On one hand, this is her hard earned moment and the focus should be exclusively on her comedy, yet on the other hand, it is hard to imagine that she will not address the issue in some way since till this day Netflix has yet to release a comedy special with a black female comedienne.

It is in Netflix’s best interest as well that everything with the Tiffany Haddish special go well. The Mo’Nique incident, painted Netflix as being anti women and anti minorities. Netflix’s original programming celebrates the voices and experiences of people of all shapes, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and backgrounds, so this incident really goes against the grain of the meticulously crafted Netflix brand. It’s hard to reconcile the same people who gave us “Dear White People” and “Orange is the New Black” as not supporting women or people of color. So it seems, whether its fair or not, as the first black women to receive a Netflix comedy special it will be on her shoulders to help us understand this messy situation.

We really hope she ready.

Image: Facebook|Tiffany Haddish