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Sex and the City 3: Impossible or Not?

During the first weeks of the month of October of 2017, talks swirled about a proposed making of the Sex and the City 3 movie. The first two Sex and the City movies based on the HBO hit series had done well at the box office, and if the script was good it seemed most people were interested in a third movie installment. News of the making of a third Sex and the City movie came relatively out of nowhere, and just as quickly behind the scenes drama quickly ensued and the making of the third movie seemed like it would never happen.

The real behind the scenes negotiations, alliances, and "he said, she said" we will never really know. What we do know is that Kim Cattrall very publicly stated she is not interested in reprising her role as Samantha Jones. Some of Cattrall's co-stars openly placed the blame on her as the sole reason why production of the movie would not go forward, and by being so openly critical of Cattrall, they left no room for her to either reconsider doing this or any future SATC movie.

Samantha Jones as played by Kim Cattrall is one fourth of the central group that compromises the world of SATC, so naturally when the realization set that Cattrall would not be reprising her role, even with her encouragement to go ahead with production without her, all plans at least as known to the media and fans seemed to have come to a complete stop.

Sex and the City 3 can never happen now.

Or, can it?

Don't be fooled by the word 'sex' in the title of the series or by the first season of HBO's Sex and the City-the SATC world does not revolve exclusively around sex. The biggest hurdle about having a SATC movie without the character of Samantha Jones is that her character was the one that provided the most storylines about sex. However, even in the HBO series, by the series end the character of Samantha Jones had moved on from her single days and found herself happy in a monogamous relationship. In both SATC 1 and 2, Samantha does return to her sex happy roots, but that character development did not add greatly to either movie's storyline.

At the core of the entire SATC 3 debacle is the question, how irreplaceable is a sole character to an ensemble cast?

I don't think we can do "Seinfeld" without Jerry Seinfeld. I don't think we could do "The Simpsons" without Homer. But, I do to think a "Friends" movie can still work without one of the six main characters. Similarly, a "SATC" movie could go on without Samantha Jones.

To go forward with SATC 3 without Samantha Jones the first thing to do is figure out a plausible scenario for the character to be absent. Killing off the character of Samantha Jones seems too drastic and severe, and might alienate fans and it would also work against the themes of friendship the TV series and movie are all about. So, killing, is a no-go. Over the years Samantha Jones has had a good deal of soul and identity searching, and so a journey of self-discovery, naturally far away, could work. Or, a whimsical scenario might be something like Samantha Jones while on a quest to break a Guinness world record about something sex related, ends up getting hurt and is placed in a full body cast, so on screen the 3 friends go visit and talk to her, but all you see of the actresss playing Samantha Jones is just a body cast. And, perhaps to play up the absurdity and as a wink to the audience, even as the seasons change and time moves on the 3 friends still go to visit Samantha, who even after all this time is still in the full body cast.

Kim Cattrall suggested the show runners could still use the role of Samantha Jones by getting a new actress to play it, but that seems like a terribly risky idea. Instead, bringing in a new actress to play a new role would be a better alternative, someone like Rosie Perez would bring a lot of NYC energy, or Viola Davis would be a strong option.

What strategy the producers of the Sex and the City movies take will be interesting to watch because by not making the third movie they are denying fans and the cast and crew of a project they all seem to want. But, only the right script could make a Sex and the City movie without Samantha Jones a viable possibility.

Image: Sex and the City 2 IMDB

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