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Adding Anime to Amazon's Shopping Cart

Long gone are the days when Amazon was known as just an e-commerce website.

Nowadays, Amazon remains a titan of online shopping, but they have sagely expanded into many markets. Some of these include e-book publishing, delivering fresh produce, and most notably their foray into the entertainment sector as original content creators.

Amazon has had success with their original productions. The series Transparent and 2016's Manchester by the Sea are arguably two of the most successful projects Amazon has produced. Both projects were critically acclaimed and established Amazon as a key player in the entertainment business with multiple Emmy and Oscar nominations and wins.

Even with all of Amazon's success, Netflix remains the single most impactful creator of online shows because of the quality of their productions and also their constant investing into a diverse genre of shows. Netflix may invest into many genre's but they don't seem to do it equally. It is hard not to notice the multitude of superhero and fantasy shows Netflix is producing. Equally difficult to miss, is how successful these shows have been for Netflix.

Fans of these genres and new converts have made shows like Stranger Things, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones successful for Netflix. If Amazon is to compete with Netflix, or even Hulu, they need to offer what the competition isn't. And, one such area is a live adaptation of anime shows.

The recent success of Disney live remakes of their classic movies has demonstrated that a live remake of animation can be lucrative when done well. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon all already stream anime shows. This genre traditionally has a loyal fanbase and is popular domestically and internationally.

So, why should Amazon produce live anime remakes?

For starters, Netflix has shown how successful urban fantasy shows can be, which is what a live remake of an anime show would in essence be.

By focusing on anime, Amazon can attract desirable demographics such as teens, 20-40 year olds, male, and female viewers. Anime is a genre that is consumed by viewers of a wide variety of ages. With the right anime adaptation, Amazon can attract teens and also older viewers who grew up with the Japanese imports.

Men love anime, but very importantly women do too.

The last few years we have seen a loud and constant demand from female directors, actresses, and fans, for more representation of women in challenging and diverse acting roles beyond the standard offerings. Women have proven to be a loyal demographic group and with the recent success of Wonder Woman or Girl's Trip, any production company would be foolish to not try to attract female viewers.

One of the most popular anime shows of all time had a female lead. In fact, it had five main female protagonists. And, that show was Sailor Moon.

A live adaptation of Sailor Moon or even of a more recent anime show such as Fairy Tail, that just so happens to also have a female lead, could prove very successful for Amazon as these shows tap into many of the most sought after viewer demographic groups, and have multi season potential.

For all these reasons, Amazon Studios should consider live adapting anime shows. Next year, when the end of the Game of Thrones series leaves a void and hunger for fantasy storytelling, Amazon can be ready to fill that void faster than an Amazon same day shipping.

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